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    Gluten-Free Banana Bread

    Jessica supercharges this gluten-free banana bread recipe with high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Perfect for school lunchboxes, breakfast, snack and dessert! Click on "READ" for the recipe.

Cooking with Jessica (special diets & allergy-friendly recipes)

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    Pear Bread Recipe

    Jessica makes pear bread that is gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free and corn-free. Click on the "Read" tab for the recipe.

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    Breakfast Bars

    Jessica makes protein bars that are free of nuts, gluten, casein and refined sugar.  For the recipe and a link to the manual bag sealer, click on the "Read" tab.

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    Quinoa Tortillas

    Jessica makes whole grain quinoa tortillas with soaked quinoa and green split peas. They are free of gluten, casein, soy, corn, and rice. For the recipe, click on the "Read" tab at the bottom of the viewer.

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Jessica bakes gluten-free/casein-free/soy-free/corn-free/egg-free/nut-free chocolate chip cookies. For the recipe click on the "Read" tab under the viewer.

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    Brown Rice Tortillas

    Jessica makes sprouted brown rice and amaranth tortillas as an alternative to corn tortillas. Click on READ for the recipe.

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    Whole Grain Millet & Buckwheat Pancakes

    Jessica makes gluten-free whole grain pancakes from millet and buckwheat groats. For the recipe click on the "Read" menu.

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    Dairy & Sugar Free Fudge

    Jessica makes fudge that is free of sugar and dairy and packed with a lot of nutrition. Yummy enough for kids and adults alike! Click on "READ" for the recipe.

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    Chocolate Coconut Truffles (Dairy-Free)

    Jessica makes dairy-free and refined sugar-free chocolate coconut truffles that everyone can feel good about! For recipe click on the "Read" menu below the viewer.

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    “Lemony Peach” Gluten-Free Muffins

    Jessica makes gluten-free, casein-free, egg-free and nut-free breakfast muffins. Click on READ for the recipe.

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    Gluten-Free Almond Butter Cookies

    Jessica makes gluten-free, casein-free, and refined sugar-free almond butter cookies per a viewer's request! These are a delicious and healthier alternative to peanut butter cookies! Click on READ for the recipe.

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    Tie-Dye Waffles

    Jessica makes gluten-free, casein-free and egg-free breakfast waffles that are also refined sugar-free. Click on READ for the recipe.

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    Bone Broth Quinoa

    Boost your child's nutrition intake by cooking quinoa in gut-healing bone broth. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and a great alternative to brown rice. Soaking the quinoa improves digestibility and absorption of nutrients. Click on READ for recipe.

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    How To Make A Flax or Chia “Egg” for Baked Goods

    Jessica shows us how to make flax and chia "egg" substitutes for those following an egg-free or egg elimination diet. Click on READ for instructions.

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    Flourless Chocolate Tart

    Jessica makes a flourless chocolate tart with the use of natural sugar substitutes, healthy fats and anti-oxidant rich 100% dark chocolate. Click on READ for the recipe.

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    Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers

    Jessica makes gluten-free breaded chicken fingers with homemade gluten-free breadcrumbs that are also yeast-free.  This is a great recipe for kids transitioning into a gluten-free diet who don't want to give up delicious tasting chicken fingers! Click on "Read" for the recipe.  

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    How to Soak Grains & Why (+ Breakfast Porridge Recipe)

    Jessica shows us how to soak grains and why this is a good idea for anyone with a leaky or inflamed gut (many kids with autism have GI problems). She also makes a super nutritious and delicious breakfast porridge from soaked quinoa, millet and buckwheat that is naturally gluten-free and a great alternative to oatmeal. Click on "Read" for the recipe.

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    Roasted Asparagus “Fries”

    Holistic Health Coach Jessica Van Kipp makes roasted asparagus "fries" that are quick and easy to make and kid-approved! Click on "Read" for the recipe.

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    Supreme Chili

    Jessica cooks "super-duper" healthy beef chili supercharged with high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients to make this a truly "supreme" chili! Click on the READ menu for the recipe.

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    Healthy Popsicles

    Super easy and nutritious fruit (and veggie) popsicles just in time for Summer! All natural - No artificial flavors or colors or high fructose corn syrup!

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    Gluten-Free Granola

    Jessica makes super crunchy gluten-free granola jam packed with clean, high-quality and nutrient-dense ingredients. Much healthier and yummier than store-bought granola. Kids love it as a breakfast cereal, topping on a parfait or just plain! For the recipe, click on the READ menu.

Diet & Biomedical

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    Sugar Alternatives

    All about the many natural and healthier alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Click on the "Read" tab for links to these substitutes.

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    Healthy Oils

    Jessica shares the benefits of swapping out highly refined and processed cooking oils with healthier alternatives.

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    Bone Broth

    Jessica shows us how to make bone broth - a healing and nourishing food for the gut and part of the GAPS diet. Click on the "Read" tab for more info and recipe.

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    Certified Fermentationist Cheryl Paswater describes the benefits of consuming sauerkraut, a lacto-fermented food which is recommended in the GAPS and Body Ecology Diets for helping to heal leaky gut syndrome. Click on Part 2 to watch Cheryl make the sauerkraut. For the recipe and an article on fermentation, click on the READ menu at the bottom of the viewer.

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    Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

    Learn the "pros and cons" of dairy-free milk alternatives, both packaged and homemade. Holistic Health Coach Jessica Van Kipp shows us how to make fresh almond milk. Click on "Read" for the recipe.


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    Cottage Class

    Manisha Snoyer introduces us to Cottage Class, a sharing economy marketplace for childhood education. She shares with us her experience with families of special needs children looking for learning environments within the homeschooling community in New York.

LiveStream Videos

NYC Caregivers/Therapists

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    Stephen on the Son-Rise Program

    Stephen has experience working in many home-based Son-Rise Programs in the NYC area. He shares some of what he has learned and how he continues to use those skills in his current work with kids as a play therapist and "manny."

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    Grow Your Village with Melody of Autism

    Faith Clarke, mother of a teenager with Autism, shares how the experience with her son helped her create a positive, loving and accepting team of caregivers and led her to start Melody of Autism in order to support other families.

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    David Mannes on the Son-Rise Program

    David Mannes is a certified NY Elementary Educator and Feldenkrais practitioner who works with children in their home-based Son-Rise Programs in NYC. Go to to learn about the Son-Rise Program.

NYC Classes and Programs

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    Kaiser’s Room

    Founding Director Stephane Duret introduces us to Kaiser's Room, a non-profit organization formed to inspire and support the development of children on the Autism Spectrum and related developmental delays through the performing arts.

Parents' Stories

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    Rachelle’s Story – How Going Dairy-Free Helped Her Boys

    Rachelle shares how a dairy elimination trial resulted in remarkable improvements in her two boys' physical and behavioral symptoms. Their constipation, vomiting, congestion and rashes are gone. Their mood and behavior significantly improved. CLICK ON PART 2 TO WATCH THE REST OF HER INTERVIEW.

Sensory Integration

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    Stress and The Sensory System

    Rita talks about how stress affects the sensory system and how feeling relaxed will help a child become more self-regulated. Click on Part 2 to watch Rita share a parent's story that illustrates how letting go of judgments is one very effective way to becoming more relaxed.

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    Diane on MNRI for her son

    Diane shares how MNRI (primitive reflex integration therapy) has helped her son. Please watch Part 2 for the rest of Diane's interview in which she shares how MNRI is an integrative approach not just for her son but the entire family. Click on the READ tab for the link to the MNRI website.

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    How To Help A Child With Handwriting

    Rita Gendelman (OTR/L) answers an occupational therapy grad student's question at Touro College during one of her lectures.


Kaiser’s Architecture Projects

“I am in awe both of Denise’s commitment to her own child and also of how she has channeled that commitment into equipping herself with the knowledge she has needed to create dramatic and meaningful changes in his life. I have received better advice from Denise than from most of the doctors I have worked with over a period of many years. You will not find someone who is more knowledgeable about various therapies and treatments, both those which are favored by traditional Western medicine practitioners and alternative treatments and including both the benefits and the risks and downsides of those therapies and treatments. She has accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge, including in particular on dietary concerns and ways to make food which is good for our kids’ bodies and brains but also tasty. I have benefitted from her counsel and advice and encourage others to consult her webpage and to take advantage of her services. You will gain lots of valuable information to help you to make better choices for your child!” – Patric, NYC

“I met Denise when my son was newly diagnosed. I was completely falling apart and devastated. I did not know what to do, or from where to start. Denise gave me a hope and right direction, she spoke with me about Autism, she helped me to understand what it was and how everything in body was connected. She gave me advise from where to start, how to research and educate myself to better help my son. My perspective totally changed. I call Denise walking library. The most important thing is that she genuinely wants to help, always cares and ready to share her experience and knowledge!  I got lucky I meet her!! I am forever thankful!!” – Lali, NYC

“Unique and valuable resource for parents trying to find their way through the extremely complex web of therapeutic and treatment options for their children. Thank you for the close up view…empowering!” – Rachelle, NYC

“My daughter Victoria was getting sick and stomach pain. She have a lot of problem to go to the bathroom and to sleep. Because of the pain I take my daugther to the doctors and they say was a virus or something else and my dauther was the same. Denise told me to take her to the doctor because maybe was the milk and she was correct – my daughter has allergy to milk. After we change the milk completly she is fine now. She goes to bathroon normal and she is not in pain. Thank you very much Denise for helping me and my daugther with that problem. – Rosaura, NYC

“My daughter Alex is 12 and has had severe pollen allergies since she was 3, a toddler. The last two years though were particularly difficult as the Albuterol receptors diminished their functioning and Alex started having difficulty breathing which escalated in bronchitis type symptoms and turned finally into asthmatic cough – all of it as soon as the allergy starts. Finally, since last September (2018), she has a new diagnosis: seborrheic dermatitis or sebopsoriasis. I have tried whatnot during these last 2-3 years: from Chinese herbal medicine to TuiNa massages, to the regular allergy medications, various other alternative therapies and home remedies…all of which offered little or no, or non-consistent relief. When the sebopsoriasis started (at the base of her hair covered skull), I remembered Denise’s holistic dietary management and her mentioning that her own psoriasis symptoms tend to flare up if she has too much milk products. I knew Denise’s work from before when I had researched how diet impacts allergy and asthma. Her knowledge and easy to implement tips saved me so much time and helped us restore to almost 100%. Denise helped enormously with securing the teen’s cooperation: by texting me images of her skin when her symptoms are on and after – when the diet clears them. I became very optimistic after seeing what is possible as Denise is the perfect example of how efficient her diet is. The only medicated portion of our protocol is the 50-50 mix of Ketoconazole 2% + Neutrogena T/Sal shampoos, which is more of supplementation than medical treatment. So, I texted and called Denise and asked her opinion about a sebopsoriasis diet. Cannot imagine we would have managed to reduce our sebopsoriasis symptoms (itching, skin flakes and red, scaly buildup patches inflamed to blood from the scratching) good 90% without Denise’s instructions and support during this last autumn-winter period. We cleaned the cupboard and refrigerator shelves eliminating high glycemic index foods, milk products, anything nonorganic, with preservatives or coloring. We started cooking as much as possible, simple but pure food and the whole family saw difference in their health, not only the teen. How we know the diet works? When we slip a little few days in a row (holidays for example), and Alex has milk products or more sugar the sebopsoriasis symptoms flare a little, from mild to mild-moderate. Then when we go back to the diet, the symptoms disappear. That is how we know the food-as-medicine method works. The wrong foods are triggering the symptoms. This realization made Alex her own best diet keeper as she is old enough to understand the importance of carefully choosing what we put in our bodies and how fighting histamine toxicity is very possible via the food cure. Thanks, Denise.” – Lina, NYC

On April 1, 2019 life gave me a “stop” to rethink my life.  I got stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis in my left rib.  My daughter Denise came from New York to see me and take care of me.  When Denise came and I was out of the hospital she changed my lifestyle, complete from eating junk food to eating healthy – learning to juice, make smoothies, eating vegetables, organic, gluten-free…She really Feng-Shueid my kitchen and refrigerator and my mind, body and spirit! I learned to be careful about what I put in my mouth, thanks to you Denise!  – Alicia, Miami

Anyone who is fortunate enough to find their way to Denise will feel that they have discovered an unparalleled magic resource—and it’s true!  I don’t believe there is anyone else who possesses the range of personal experience, the breath of curiosity and exploration of the traditional, of the holistic, of the cutting edge and the common sense as she does. And she possesses the compassion to know that solutions are individual, and the warmth, kindness and patience to help you find your way.  Denise has herself personally walked the walk with her own family as well as with others and she has a beautiful capacity to think deeply inside and outside of the box, to help you pace yourself and prioritize, and her passionate loving stance will help you find your way. And she will do all of that with a playful and knowing hopefulness that you can relax into, knowing you are in the very best hands. – Amy, Santa Barbara

Kaiser’s Drawing