Eat sauerkraut with every meal!

Eat sauerkraut with every meal!

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How to Make Sauerkraut:

1. Chop the vegetables into similar sized chunks or shreds into a bowl.

2. Add salt and mix throughout using your hands to massage the mixture.

3. Begin packing into a one-gallon crock or jar. Use your fist or a wooden tamper.

4. Create an anaerobic environment by getting all air bubbles out as you pack it 

5. Push until the brine starts to rise to the top of the veggies.

6. Place a saucer or plate on top of the vegetables. Try to get one that fits as close 
to the edges as possible.

7. Put a weight on top of that. A jar of water works well.

8. Cover with a cloth so no bugs get inside.

9. During the first week, push it down daily to help keep the veggies under the 
brine. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get the brine to stay above the 
veggies. This will help prevent mold from forming.

10. Taste it after a week and see if you like it. You can let it ferment as long as you 
want, but most people prefer 2-4 weeks of fermentation time in small one- gallon batches. When it is too young, it still has a carbonated feeling on your tongue. This will disappear after about a week of fermentation.

11. The best temperature to ferment sauerkraut is 55-65 degrees. Put it in a pantry, root cellar, cupboard, or on your kitchen counter. If it gets below or above this temperature it will be fine, but the best flavors develop within this range.

12. When it is ready, scrape off the top layer and enjoy the fresh healthy goodness below.

Note: If mold forms, not all is lost. This is a test of your senses. Scrape off the mold and compost it. If the sauerkraut underneath smells okay, taste it. If it tastes off, spit it out!