1/3 cup coconut butter/manna
4 tbsp maple syrup
1/3 cup cacao powder
2 tbsp hemp seeds
salt to taste
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds (to coat)

1. In a small food processor, blend all ingredients except the pumpkin seeds. You will run the food processor for about 4 minutes, giving the mixture a stir every once in a while. The heat of the blade will help break it down to form together.
2. Put the truffle batter in a bowl and refrigerate for about 5-10 minutes.
3. Toast the pumpkin seeds and pulse in a seed grinder. Pour the crumble onto a small plate and sprinkle in a pinch of salt.
4. On another small plate put 1 tbsp raw cacao with a pinch of salt.
5. Take out the batter from the fridge and make little balls. Roll the truffles in the desired topping and place on another small clean plate. Refrigerate for 10 min. And then you can store in a container.